معلومات عن طب الاسنان الوقائي

Preventive dentistry is concerned with early dental interventions that would stop dental and periodontal diseases. It is considered dental cleaning
Brushing twice a day is an important basis for preventing necrosis. Other preventive pathways include the use of fluoride and crack materials
That are placed for children to protect permanent teeth from necrosis.

The use of fluoride
Fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay, as fluoride replaces the hydroxyl (OH) group of appetite crystals that
It consists of the tooth. Thus, these crystals become more acid-resistant.

Methods of using fluoride
Add fluorine to drinking water
Fluorine is added to drinking water (by no more than one millionth (1 mg per liter). This method reduces caries by reducing
50%. )

The use of fluorine pills
Fluorine tablets contain 25,50,100 mg of fluorine and are given once per day and (according to the recommended doses) according to age and according to the quantity
Fluorine taken by a person.
Use NaF sodium fluoride

Sodium fluoride is used topically by applying it to the teeth with a special brush. This process needs to be repeated four times per week.

Important information about the pediatric dental specialty

Pediatric dentistry began as an independent branch of dentistry at the end of the eighteenth century and pediatric dentist is familiar with all areas of medicine
Teeth in general being specialized in a specific age group, and pediatric dentistry includes special treatments for all dental and oral diseases when
Children from birth to adolescence.

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