Beautifying the smile is the focal point of the face, usually the smile is the beginning of every positive human interaction, and when a person has a beautiful smile, it encourages confidence, perseverance and positive conversation, and here is where it becomes fun, in a historical study, a group of scientists studied brain activity for study participants, the study found a positive incentive to reward when a viewer sees an attractive smile directed at them. Now that could mean a lot of things, but as i explain it, an attractive smile can have a positive effect on shaping your environment.
Although everyone wants a beautiful smile, even individuals who pursue dental hygiene and maintenance, may not be satisfied with certain features of their smile, the feeling of lack of confidence in smiling dampens positive facial expression and disrupts communication if the person subconsciously tries to manipulate facial movements to get rid of of the noticeable flaws in his smile, smile makeover with a professional dentist can eliminate all these fears, a smile change can help people feel more secure and confident to share their personality in public places, interviews or social gatherings.
What can help beautify the smile?
When most people think of smile makeover, they think of a general dentist with regular cleaning, simple fillings, bleaching, etc. However, a cosmetic dentist focuses on redefining your smile to achieve goals that you may have to improve cosmetic and health, a smile change is considered less than a specific treatment and more than a treatment plan designed to combine multiple cosmetic dental procedures, a smile makeover plan depends on your specific goals to give you the perfect hollywood smile, and some of the common concerns people have about smile aesthetics are mentioned below.
Smile makeover and correction of deformed teeth
•      Dark or yellow teeth are one of the most obvious defects in a smile, but it is one of the easiest things to improve, as teeth staining can be intrinsic or external.
•      Intrinsic discoloration is considered internal to the tooth and is how the tooth develops genetically. The coloration is not due to what we eat or drink. It is caused by elements we were exposed to during development such as fever during tooth development, excess fluoride, lack of fluoride, a history of root canals, or growth conditions such as oogenesis imperfecta or odontogenesis imperfecta.
•      It is best to treat the internal coloring by bonding or dental crowns or porcelain veneers.
•      External staining is staining on the surface of the teeth as a result of the belief that we are eating, drinking, or being exposed to coffee, tea or cigarettes.
•      The external discoloration is usually handled well by dental cleaning and whitening procedures in the clinic.
•      These problems can reduce the glare of your smile, so lightening the color of your smile can have a big impact on how your smile is beautified.
Crowding or gaping teeth
•      Teeth crowding and gaps have a significant impact on the consistency of the smile. When the lines of the teeth are not symmetrical, they draw attention away from the harmony of the rest of the face.
•      Crowding is especially important to correct its impact on health, and when the teeth are crowded, bacteria collect more strongly in the corners and crevices of the teeth.
•      Crowding makes flossing and flossing more difficult, which increases the risk of gingivitis and bone loss.
•      Crowded teeth or cracked teeth can be corrected by dental veneers or by orthodontics, one of the most important techniques for smiling.
Smile makeover and replacement of missing teeth
•      Even if someone has a perfect smile, but has lost one tooth in the back, it may negatively affect the aesthetics of the entire smile.
•      Humans are designed to notice things that are misplaced before they notice things that are well organized.
•      Therefore, the loss of one tooth can completely affect the beautification of the smile.
•      By restoring a missing tooth with an implant or bridge, it can have a significant impact on the beauty of the entire smile.
•      In the long term, there are also significant effects when restoring missing teeth.
•      Teeth missing over a period of years can cause adjacent teeth and teeth above to shift resulting in a snowball effect from misaligning the rest of the smile.
•      When you compare patients who have lost one tooth from one decade to the next, the results have a significant impact on the alignment and position of the jaw.
•      The process is deceptive though as the effect occurs very slowly and is not noticeable, but equates to a significant change over time.
Correction of a broken tooth
•      Nearly everyone breaks a tooth at some point in their life. When the fractures are large enough or numerous, smile aesthetics can begin to disfigure.
•      Like a new car with bumps and scratches, a few simple chores can restore it to brand new quality.
•      Can beautify the smile and restore broken teeth by bonding composite or porcelain veneers or dental crowns.
•      These procedures can make your teeth look better than they did before the tooth was broken.
Gummy smile
•      A gummy smile is one of the strongest influences on patients’ self-confidence, and often patients with a gummy smile have been conscious of their smile for years.
•      The gummy smile has a tremendous impact on the beauty of the smile because it affects more than the smile.
•      The smile appears on the face less than the ideal, which gives the illusion that the middle of the face is longer than the ideal.
•      By modifying the appearance of the gums, either by excision of the gums, crown lengthening, or vestibulopathy to reduce the lip, there is a tremendous effect on the beautification of the smile as well as the general symmetry of the face.
What procedures are part of a smile makeover?
•      Smile aesthetics is a treatment plan designed to improve the aesthetics of a smile to achieve the patient’s goals.
•      The plan can be simple or complex depending on the patient’s needs.
•      Sometimes, a small procedure can have a big impact on the overall cosmetics of the little ones, and other times the patient needs a more detailed series of procedures to achieve the desired result.
•      Smile cosmetics also follow the principles of health, therefore, a person who improves esthetics through smile aesthetics will also increase the health of his teeth and gums.
Smile cosmetic procedures
Dental bonding
•      Dental bonding helps improve cracks, gaps and fractures, and the procedure is a simple repair usually completed in one visit that can enhance the overall appearance of a smile.
•      A dental composite bond involves modifying the shape of the broken tooth to achieve a solid foundation, then adding white composite resin and carving it onto the teeth.
•      The final restoration will restore the features and color of the natural tooth, and it is important to note that dental bonding has limits in the amount of flap size that can be appropriately corrected.
•      Once the fractured tooth has reached a certain side, a crown or veneer is more appropriate to achieve the perfect shape and longevity of the restoration.
•      Tooth reshaping
•      When the patient requests a slight adjustment of the teeth or adjustment of the length of the teeth, reshaping the teeth is a good option for smile aesthetics.
•      The cosmetic dentist can simulate the pre- and post-dental before adjustment to ensure that the result is what the patient had in mind.
•      The teeth are then slightly reshaped to improve tooth leveling, uneven edges, or rounded corners that appear too square.
•      Smoothing the sharp edges of crooked teeth provides a straighter smile, making teeth appear more even and younger.
Dental veneers and crowns
•      The difference between dental veneers and dental crowns when teeth have major fractures or wear, they are better suited to dental veneers or crowns for restoration.
•      The operator can secure the broken area of ​​a tooth at the same time, improving color and improving alignment all at the same time.
•      When a patient needs several dental crowns or veneers, the smile esthetician usually makes a model of the patient’s mouth and works out exactly how the new smile will appear.
•      The patient can review how the shape and alignment will change before any work on the teeth themselves.
•      Crowns and veneers can have a strong impact on the overall dental aesthetics and usually last 10-20 years before requiring a potential replacement.
•      The appearance of dental crowns and porcelain veneers is very similar from an aesthetic point of view, and the reference to dental crowns is when the back of the tooth is worn or broken in addition to the front of the tooth.
•      When the front part of a tooth needs improvement, porcelain veneers are the perfect choice.
•      Smile makeover and dental implants
•      When a patient loses one or more teeth, dental implants are the most natural solution to smile aesthetics.
•      Dental implants replicate the root of the natural tooth. The way dental implants work is to remove the missing tooth. Depending on the condition of the gums and bone, the site is grafted with particles of minerals to allow the site to heal for 3-4 months, or the implant can be placed directly into the site at the time of extraction.
•      After the implant heals in the bone of the mouth, it can act as the natural root of the tooth. The dental implant can then support a crown that looks and works like a natural tooth, or the implant can support a bridge or a removable denture if multiple teeth need to be replaced.
•      In general, the dental implant process takes approximately 4-9 months to complete depending on the condition of the bone initially at the site of the missing tooth.
Gum tightening and lip reduction surgery
•      What patients with a sunken smile have been trying to cover up for a beautiful smile for years, restructuring the gum line to reveal more tooth structure has a significant impact on the symmetry and beauty of the smile as well as the rest of the face.
•      There are two basic procedures for correcting a gummy smile, such as gingival excision and reverse lip reduction.
•      Gingivectomy involves removing excess gum tissue, usually by sculpting the gum line with a laser or a scalpel.
•      Healing usually takes one to two days, with minimal recovery after the operation.
•      The most common complication is that the gums can sometimes grow back and require adjustment in a second procedure.
•      The lip repositioning procedure is indicated when creating a gummy smile because the lip is raised excessively when smiling.
•      The procedure usually recovers within 3-5 days, but the patient is asked to limit smiling for 3-4 weeks after the procedure.
•      When performed by an experienced dentist with experience in gum lift operations, gingival excision and lip reduction, the wrinkling process can lead to permanent and amazing results for smile aesthetics and facial aesthetics in general.
Make up a smile like a celebrity
•      With the latest dental equipment and an experienced team of cosmetic dentists, getting the smile of your dreams has never been easier.
•      The first step that will lead you to smile like a celebrity is your consultation with our expert dentists’ team.
•      Our dentists will examine your teeth and oral health, and then discuss different treatment options that can improve your smile.
•      In our clinics, you will have complete control over your treatment as our dentists will consult with you at every stage of your treatment, and you will have a complete say in the way you want your smile to look.
•      We don’t just restore your smile with veneers or porcelain crowns, instead, we offer you a complete package.
•      We use a revolutionary smile design software whose patented algorithm allows us to design a smile for you that not only makes you look like a celebrity, but also ensures that your teeth are in optimal health.
•      You will be able to see what your smile looks like before we even begin to make up your smile, and we guarantee ‘what you see is what you get’.
Take advantage of our smile makeover offers
•      We offer the complete celebrity smile package which includes digital smile design, dental restorations with e-max veneers, and cosmetic procedures to restore the shape and aesthetics of your gums and lips in a single jawbone.
•      We will give you a smile through the latest dental smile makeover programs.
•      We will also provide you with hard copies of your smile design so you can share it with loved ones and ask for their opinion before making a commitment.
•      Not only that, our dentists will also show you the step-by-step procedure for designing your very own celebrity smile.
•      Using your smile design, we will create e-max crowns using digital technology, which ensures that dental veneers not only look great but fit your teeth perfectly as well.
•      We use high-quality materials to restore your smile and the health of your teeth, that’s why we use e-max veneers to restore your teeth.
•      E-max porcelain veneers and crowns are one of the strongest and finest forms of porcelain restorations used by leading cosmetic dentists around the world to create beautiful smiles.
•      To provide maximum aesthetic results in a celebrity smile makeover, we will also evaluate the shape and length of your gums in relation to your teeth and smile.
•      In the case of a gummy smile, we will use special lasers to cosmetically reshape your gums so that you do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
Why are we the best in smile makeover?
•      We have unparalleled expertise we are proud to have a panel of experts and these dentists will oversee every step of your treatment, from the initial diagnosis and analysis to the part you walk in with your own smile.
•      All of our experts are qualified dentists who specialize in their respective fields, so you are in good hands.
•      State-of-the-art smile design we have the most advanced technology in smile design, with a specialized computer program that allows our specialists to show how beautiful your smile is, even before treatment begins.
•      Once you are satisfied with the look, this computer is connected directly to the lab to reproduce and transform the smile design you just saw.
•      We are proud of our technological advancement, we do not sell units like almost all other dental centers or clinics, on the contrary, we spread the smile and happiness, so, if you are looking for a smile makeover and a healthy and long lasting Hollywood smile, we must be your first choice.