Department of sterilization and quality control

This suite includes statistics, results, reports, mandates and organizational data all for the nursing component.

Sterilization and its relationship to prevention have become a truism that the vast majority of people know, and the optimal use and correct application of sterilization conditions has become a major measure of low infection and spread of diseases. No one disagrees about the importance of sterilization and general hygiene, and how they constitute the primary entrance to provide a sound and correct medical treatment service, and it has become imperative for everyone working within the medical profession to make optimal use of all sterilization requirements and conditions. In order to define the patient to be reassured to the clinic or hospital where treatment is taking place, he must see sterilization devices in front of him and reassure himself using the clinic for healthy methods used in sterilization work to prevent any possibility of transmission of infection during the treatment period and there is no objection, but he must ask and inquire and see that all The devices and tools previously used for the previous patient have been fully removed. Some dental tools come from factory sterilized and coated such as anesthetic injection needle and size holders for fixtures; It is ready for use and is used to treat only one patient.
As for other tools that can be used more than once, they are sterilized in a special way and then wrapped in a plastic wrap and kept until they are used again.

3D Radiology Department

An organizational section that includes everything related to 3D rays, including data, results and checks.

Reception section and ERP paperless file system

Working with this advanced technical system leads to documenting and recording the electronic medical file of cases, and helps to monitor performance and confirm quality through system reports.
The system aims mainly to provide electronic files for patients with high accuracy and flexibility, which means in practice dispensing of paper, and plastic ray films in patients’ files, and the appointment office in the clinics, and then good organization of work management in them
It is also linked to an information system via a wired network and an information system capable of connecting devices to servers, and the ability to communicate in medical information with external parties safely, such as sending and receiving cases requests from the dental laboratory and the users of this system are employees of Dima Dental Centers, and these programs are supported by the coding system Global Diseases ICD10
There are also digital radiology devices that produce accurate and three-dimensional digital radiographic images of the teeth, bones and surrounding tissues in a matter of seconds, while exposing the patient to much less radiation (20%) than conventional radiation, and these images can be enlarged or colored to reach a more accurate diagnosis, which is at the time The same can be traded via e-mail between specialists

Advanced equipment for the center

The Dima complex includes the various equipment and various medical means that the center adopts in its field work.
Dental laser device
Through the Dima Center, we use laser techniques for periodontal surgeries, without anesthesia, and without pain as well
We adopt sterilization of nerve channels for the absence of any complications in the age and after treatment
We draw gum better for a Hollywood smile
We organize stimulation sessions to treat any wound and heal quickly and without pain
A device for preparing neural channels
When a person develops nerve inflammation, he must go to the dentist so that he can take the necessary treatment and this can be treated in one session using a rotary device that digs the teeth and cleans and expands the channels, in other words, a device that cleans the nerve core from the inflamed tissues using these small files of different size And the sizes that clean the channel well without pain