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There is no doubt that a healthy culture is the point of intersection between the media and the individual and that the integration between the two creates more cultural awareness between the people of specialization and society through various modern electronic communication tools, which are elements that worked to enhance communication on the one hand, and opened the way to various Second-hand medical services.

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Center Departments

The Center provides several departments in several fields.

Department of sterilization & quality control

This suite includes statistics, results, reports, delegations and organizational data all for the nursing component.

3D Radiology Department

An organizational section that includes everything related to 3D rays, including data, results and checks.

Reception section & ERP file system

This section is concerned with the various reception requests that relate to customers and is an electronic system that contributes to organizing information, preserves it, and presents it in a typical form.

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We use the utmost sterilization and prevention to protect you and your safety.

Center Articles

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Using Google glasses in dentistry

Are we awaiting a new technological revolution in education and the medical field? This question that came to me while writing this interesting article, but let us first learn about the principle of glasses …

Information on preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is concerned with early dental interventions that would stop dental and periodontal diseases. One of the important foundations for preventing necrosis is brushing your teeth twice a day …

Golden tips to prevent tooth decay

There are a number of reasons for this. Foods, drinks, and medications may contribute to the appearance of stains in the teeth, that smoking or forgetting to brush the teeth and brush them with floss at regular times may have led to the formation of stains …

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