نصائح ذهبية لمنع تسوس الاسنان

• Arrange appointments for regular periodic examination at the dentist at least once a year.
• The only way to stop tooth decay when caries occurs, is to remove the decayed area and cover it with some type of filling.
Use regular fluoride treatment in small amounts to prevent cavities, especially in children.

Why do teeth get stains?

There are a number of reasons for this. Foods, drinks and medicine may contribute to the appearance of stains in the teeth, smoking or forgetting cleaning
Teeth brushing and flossing at regular times may have caused stains. In other cases, the discoloration of the teeth can be
As a result of some diseases or heredity. It can also be by drinking soft drinks or coffee and tea, or eating foods
Causing stains, such as some nuts, cranberries or smoking. These are called stains: surface stains

Do not chew the snow
The cracks caused by chewing ice or other solids contribute to the retention of stains that are difficult or possibly impossible to clean.

Stains can cause plaque buildup on the teeth, cause stains, and is referred to as soft deposits, and this is usually the result of non-care
Exactly in the mouth and teeth

Reducing coffee intake reduces the appearance of stains
Even with frequent cleaning, stains that appear as a result of heavy coffee intake quickly return. Teeth get better and better by
Specialized cleaning by the doctor and removing the layer as well as reducing coffee consumption, so work to reduce your daily tea and coffee.
And avoid smoking, then visit the dentist periodically to brush your teeth, brush and floss your teeth periodically and conveniently.
Some toothpastes have compounds that help remove small stains and whitening teeth

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