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Cosmetic fillings are the most common treatment in dentistry that helps maintain healthy teeth and make them more aesthetically pleasing. We distinguish between two types that our experienced specialists use every day in our clinic. There are many advantages to dental treatment, if you take advantage of it, you can avoid other dental problems. In the long run, feel free to contact us and request an appointment with our specialists if you need to.
When is it necessary to do cosmetic fillings?
It is necessary to make a filling if there is caries on the surface of the teeth.
It is recommended to consult a dentist if:
•       Your teeth are sensitive or painful
•       Bad breath
•       Your teeth are damaged or decayed
•       Broken tooth surface
Contact our specialists as soon as possible if you encounter any of the above issues to avoid further serious damage.
Different types of dental fillings
Composite cosmetic fillings
This type of occlusion is fast, simple and resembles the color of the teeth. During this treatment, dentists are concerned with the function of the teeth, which is why the surface formation of these teeth is given the function of the teeth being treated, thus the dam becomes aesthetic and serves perfectly for chewing.
Liner padding
Dental care with the inlay/filling technique is recommended if the tooth cannot be treated with a traditional filling due to advanced decay that will damage adjacent teeth, for more information on this treatment.
Cosmetic filling materials
In the dental clinic, our dentists perform cosmetic fillings for the teeth using composite materials, which are composed of several elements to match the original color of the patient’s teeth, so it is not a simple white filling but a mixture of materials of different colors.
We do not perform amalgam fillings, and our dentists also recommend changing old fillings to composite fillings.
Asteria stellite: it is a system of light-cured filling materials that provides a unique aesthetic effect along with ease of use, its color gamut covers the entire tooth range, a great result is guaranteed even in small inclined parts, and the treated surfaces are invisible, with its application we achieve transparency and shadows that resemble the original teeth, featuring an ideal long lasting light retention capacity and delicate surface, it is used to fill anterior teeth, build the crown of a broken tooth, and complete the edge of a tooth.
Porcelain filling: it is made in the laboratory, especially according to the patient’s need. It is a treatment between the filling and the dental crown. It is more expensive than other simpler filling methods.
The vast majority of people will need at least one (or more) dental restorations in their lifetime. The most common type of dental restoration is a filling, commonly referred to as a ‘cosmetic’ or ‘dental filling’.
If your dentist needs to go ahead with a dental restoration and chooses a filling, they will have two options and it will be up to the patient to decide which option they would like to have.
White filling
White cosmetic fillings are the most popular option today and are used in most cases. The white filling is made of composite resin, an aesthetic material that can restore back and front teeth. For this type of dental filling, the dentist will remove the decayed part of the tooth to insert the composite into the space that was created. Created, since it is rendered in several shades of white resembling the colors of different teeth, this type of filling provides an almost perfect aesthetic. The composite resin can also act as a sealant to be installed in the wells and crevices of the teeth in the back of the mouth to prevent cavities the teeth.
Gray filling
Amalgam, commonly known as gray filling, is a mixture of mercury, silver, copper, and tin that has been used in dentistry for 150 years. People, but it is a very effective option for the rest.
Why do we need cosmetic fillings?
It may lead you to believe that a filling (filling) is only necessary when there is a cavity, but think again, your dentist will use this technique when there is stripping, abrasion, abrasion, cracking or other damage to one or more teeth.
Is it a long intervention?
Cosmetic fillings do not take long. If, while brushing your teeth, your dentist notices a problem with one of the teeth, he will suggest that you proceed with the filling immediately when the schedule allows, otherwise, you will need to make another appointment.
If you have any questions about dental restorations or would like to make an appointment with a dentist, contact us today. In addition, our team of experienced dentists offers you a wide range of general and cosmetic dental services.
How many years do dental fillings last?
In general, dental fillings last for many years, however, their lifespan of course depends on good usage habits and daily dental care, for this reason, the duration may exceed 10 years or less.
Advantages of composite cosmetic fillings:
•       Anti-allergic material
•       Its color is chosen according to the color of the teeth
•       Its surface is resistant
•       Matches the color of the teeth
•       It fits perfectly on the remaining tooth surface
•       It has a longer life than traditional fillings
•       The process of filling cosmetic fillings
The veins and nerves responsible for the vitality of the teeth are located inside the teeth, if they deteriorate in a certain way, strong and lasting pain appears, but it may also be asymptomatic, the problem can lead to tooth lessness as well, the tooth can be saved by perishing, and the pain can disappear, after local anesthesia the root of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected, and closed with a permanent filling.
Nowadays, the cavity procedure is simple and fast, the treatment time varies between 30 and 60 minutes but varies according to the state of the decayed tooth, and in order to achieve the ideal result, our specialists carry out it with the utmost precision.
The treatment is done with local anesthesia so that our patients do not feel any pain. After the treatment, mild numbness is normal for a few hours due to the local anesthesia.
What happens after cosmetic fillings work?
The color of the filling may be changed by drinking coffee, tea or food coloring, later, its color will not differ from the color of the teeth.
You may feel some sensitivity if the filling is too high for the tooth and overburdens it. In this case, contact your dentist so they can cut and correct it.
In some cases, it may happen that the teeth become temporarily sensitive to cold or hot for 1-2 weeks until your body gets used to the foreign substance. On the other hand, if the sensitivity does not go away, feel free to contact your dentist.
All you need to know about cosmetic fillings
In everyday life, we sometimes come across individuals who show a dark gray speckled smile, especially in the hollows of the molars. This color is the color of amalgam fillings, that is, “classic” fillings, made of an alloy of mercury, copper, tin and silver. Fortunately, these two-tone teeth are completely unattractive fillings are now more discreet.
Gray fillings
Due to the presence of mercury, cosmetic fillings made of amalgam are potentially harmful to the health of some people, especially children and pregnant women, and studies indicate that they can affect the nervous system and kidneys. In addition, gray fillings have a much greater stretching capacity than dental tissues. And those who wear it suffer from sensitivity and are more prone to cracks in their teeth, in short, for all these reasons, dental experts are gradually abandoning this process in favor of safer options.
Composite or “white” padding
This aesthetic solution appeared within the cosmetic fillings several decades ago, and it has many advantages over mineral fillings, firstly, it is made of composite resin, which is a biocompatible material, then, it is available in a variety of shades, allowing the patient to obtain the most natural result. Among its other undeniable qualities is its versatility, as it can be used for various purposes, among other things such as restoring broken teeth, replacing veneers or filling the cavity left by the cavity.
Our advanced procedures in cosmetic fillings
In our clinic our dentists use a composite resin material the same color as your natural teeth after a quick and painless application the material is uv frozen and polished to make it completely imperceptible our materials – safe for your health and the environment – and our professionalism ensure an authentic look and feel please note that we also provide ceramic dental restoration using cerec computer-aided technology.
If you have composite fillings, make sure you follow healthy dental habits such as brushing your teeth twice a day (at least), flossing, wearing a mouthguard when engaging in activities that have a high risk of impact, and of course regular appointments with your dentist, and your habits will allow you to the good thing about keeping your white fillings as long as possible, in general, they last about ten years and end up needing minor adjustments.
Our experienced dentists provide many services such as (fillings, dental emergencies, orthodontics, etc.), contact us and get the wonderful smile you deserve,
From now on, we no longer only consult a dentist for pain treatment or for an annual medical examination, the reasons for his visit are also aesthetic, stained, skewed, yellowed, damaged and even missing teeth have an effect on the appearance of the smile, and thus on the face, even the slightest defect in the teeth can be it becomes really complicated and leads to a loss of self-confidence, fortunately, among the various activities of a dental surgeon is cosmetic dentistry, a specialty that uses all dental techniques to make you smile.
Cosmetic fillings
Broken, cracked, “leaded” teeth tend to distort a smile and to restore the appearance of these damaged teeth, the dentist uses specific filling materials such as composite resin, in color and transparency, they mimic natural teeth in every way and no longer stand out when you smile.
If the tooth lacks material, this loss can be compensated for by an inlay, also invisible, which will also have the effect of strengthening and protecting the teeth.
Composite resin fillings (tooth color) are the most commonly used, resin fillings match the color of the teeth, making them more aesthetically pleasing to restore front teeth or clearer teeth.
They are highly resistant and will stay in place for many years, giving you a beautiful, long-lasting smile.
Composite resin filling patterns
•       Broken or broken teeth
•       A rotten year
•       Worn teeth
•       Teeth chipped
In our dental center, we only make cosmetic fillings in the color of the teeth, so it is practically invisible that the tooth has been restored.
How is composite resin grouting performed?
Composite resin fillings are usually made in one appointment, under anesthesia, the dentist removes the cavity, then the cavity is carefully cleaned and prepared before receiving the new filling, if the cavity is near the tooth nerve, a special drug will be used to provide additional protection, will be the composite resin filling is precisely inserted, shaped and polished to restore the shape and function of the tooth.
If we are talking about a larger bore, we advise you to choose aesthetic porcelain inlay (inlay/inlay)
If the filling is large, the dentist will suggest an inlay (tooth inlay) which is done in a dental lab based on the impression, the inlay adhered to the tooth.
Why choose adhesive lining pad (padding / adhesive pad )
Inlay is a type of cosmetic filling made in a dental laboratory, which is used to replace lost tooth tissue, thus restoring the anatomical shape and chewing function of the tooth. Mainly on the interdental areas.
Natural color inlay is a type of very durable and aesthetic inlay with many advantages:
•       The color can be chosen by the patient
•       Perfect contact points between the teeth
•       You don’t have to cool your teeth
•       Usable even to replace missing teeth (inlay bridge)
•       Long-term solution (lasts 10 to 12 years)
•       Accurate and high-quality solution
•       Stable, durable and chewy-resistant solution
Getting cosmetic fillings is a long-term investment because it has a much longer life than a traditional filling.
Sensitivity to hot and cold is normal after a composite resin filling treatment, but this will subside shortly after you have your teeth adjusted for the new restoration.
You will receive instructions after your treatment. Good oral hygiene combined with good eating habits and regular visits to the dentist will help maintain your new restorations.
Everyone knows how inflamed and decayed teeth disturb daily life. With regard to our conservative and aesthetic treatments, it is necessary to preserve the teeth for as long as possible and protect them from further damage.
What after making cosmetic fillings?
During the measurement process, the ultrasound machine loosens the plaque, discoloration and tartar on the surface of the teeth by washing and cooling the teeth, since the amount of tartar varies for each individual, it is useful to repeat the treatment at intervals recommended by the dentist, it is necessary to have one month of each six months so it coincides with a regular dental checkup.
Teeth filled with cosmetic fillings no longer differentiate between healthy natural teeth and are part of them, for this reason, a daily routine of dental care and cleaning can be applied to prevent tooth decay problems.
The teeth should be brushed twice a day with a soft toothbrush, and the intake of acidic and sugary foods and drinks should be reduced, and the mouth should be rinsed as much as possible after meals.