Teeth Cleaning Using Profit Technology

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Everyone expects practical care and cleaning methods when booking professional dental cleaning services. However, what happens when dentists start using tools that do not need to touch your teeth to function? You may be surprised by the results!

Nowadays, more dentists are polishing teeth with Prophy-Jets than with traditional hand cutters. What exactly is Prophy-Jet and what are its advantages? Learn all about this tool in this article.

Description of Prophy-Jet

Prophy-Jet is a preventive dental polishing device that polishes teeth while removing plaque, fine debris and stains using air, water and sodium bicarbonate. An alternative to conventional polishing tools is the Prophy-Jet, which differs from them in the number of points:

  • No Contact: The Prophy-Jet uses high pressure water jets instead of conventional equipment to remove soft deposits from teeth.
  • Without pastes: When using a typical polishing tool, dentists are forced to remove stains and dental plaques with abrasive pastes. With Prophy-Jet, the same substances can be eliminated via water.
  • No annoying noises: Traditional polishing methods create annoying noises, which makes some dental phobias uncomfortable. Prophy-Jets are much quieter and less stressful because of this.

Advantages of brushing with the Prophyjet technology

Compared to traditional brushing techniques, the Prophyjet treatment has a number of benefits, some of which are listed below:

Improved cleaning

Prophyjet is very good at removing stains, plaque buildup, and other deposits, but it can also penetrate gum pockets up to five millimeters deep along the gum line. In addition, they remove the sticky layer that forms on teeth when plaque builds up and mixes with germs to attack the teeth and gums, often resulting in gingivitis or gum disease, and is much more effective than traditional abrasives and polishes. Prophyjet has the added benefit of being completely safe for use in patients who have bridges, implants or crowns.

Greater patient comfort:

The advantage that Prophyjet is more comfortable for the patient and less likely to damage the delicate soft tissues of the gums is one of its biggest advantages over conventional treatments. The traditional method entailed scraping the gums and teeth with tools such as sharp-point scrapers. The lack of physical contact also prevents friction-based pressure, vibration and heat, making this treatment able to combine significantly better results with a more relaxing and enjoyable patient experience. Another advantage is the switch from the usual thick and heavy putty to the ultra-fine particles during polishing. As a result, the patient feels less frightened. In the future, Prophyjet will likely be given in a range of palatable flavors, such as peppermint.

More resistant teeth:

Prophyjet brushing is extremely beneficial for people with sensitive teeth who experience discomfort when consuming hot or cold drinks and foods. The first benefit is that any sensitivity will not be exacerbated by the absence of physical contact, heat, or force of vibrations. Second, the Prophyjet technology will actually help address the sensitivity issue because the finer powder particles used in a stream of water and compressed air will help seal the tiny holes in the tooth enamel.

Faster treatment: 

Because Prophyjet treatment is very high technology, teeth can be cleaned up to 3 times faster than conventional techniques. This means that a patient who wants to improve the appearance of their teeth will need to visit the office less frequently. Small spots of decay may be “blasted” by Prophyjet without your dentist having to drill into a healthy tooth because the procedure is less abrasive, which also means that damage to tooth enamel is reduced.

Orthodontic treatment:

Dental offices offers a variety of cosmetic procedures that frequently require the use of sealants and binders. Germs in the human mouth are almost completely removed from freshly cleaned teeth with Prophyjet. This indicates that the teeth are perfectly prepared for the procedure to be performed, which greatly increases the likelihood of success. Prophyjet is free of glycerin and thus creates an ideal environment for effective orthodontic treatment. On the other hand, traditional polishes include glycerol, a chemical known to be involved in successful bonding.

The use of Prophyjet technology represents a major advance in dental hygiene and teeth whitening, providing faster and more effective results with a more comfortable and easier procedure than the available options.

Prophy-Jets are essential for thorough cleaning

While Prophy-Jet by itself cannot provide all the benefits of a thorough brushing of teeth, it is extremely beneficial when combined with exfoliation and root planing. Scaling and root planing often remove hard deposits from the surface of the teeth and along the gum line, while Prophy-Jet usually removes softer deposits (such as plaque) from the teeth.

Genetic or trauma-related spots cannot be removed by Prophy-Jet. However, it still contributes to maintaining beautiful teeth by removing germs and other deposits from the mouth.

Additionally, dental parts including dentures, orthodontic retainers and mouth guards can be cleaned with the Prophy-Jet. Your dentist can clean your device to get rid of bacteria and dirt that you would not be able to do at home if you just brought it in.

The most popular alternative to polishing is Prophy-Jet

Even the sound of a typical handpiece may make some people nervous about brushing their teeth, but that does not have to be the case if your dentist uses a Prophy-Jet to keep your smile beautiful.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that getting a checkup every six months is the best way to remove stains and keep your teeth looking great.

What is Prophyjet stain removal treatment?

Although the majority of dentists can provide a range of teeth whitening procedures that can lighten patients’ teeth in several ways, some stains remain whitening resistant. They often appear as dark brown/yellow or gray streaks and spots that weaken the surface of the teeth and are visible to others when you smile.

They usually take the form of spots that are deeply embedded within the pores of the patient’s enamel. Ironically, the areas of the smile most affected by staining are also the areas that cannot be improved with bleaching because the stains themselves are so deep that they prevent any bleaching solution from penetrating the pores of the enamel. Another thing to keep in mind is that the back teeth are likely to be affected more severely if the front of the teeth changes color in this way. Using an airflow treatment to get rid of severe discoloration before starting a whitening treatment is one of the methods to overcome this problem.

How it works?

Previously, it was possible to use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove very difficult stains, but this new method is considerably more efficient and much more practical. The Prophyjet uses a stream of water, compressed air and ultra-fine sodium particles to gently polish and remove debris from the tooth surface.

As mentioned earlier, the Prophyjet will increase the effectiveness of your teeth whitening if you intend to whiten them. However, for many patients with only small spots from tea, coffee, nicotine or food, the Prophyjet procedure is all that is necessary. Remember that patients receiving Prophyjet are advised not to approach the procedure wearing a black shirt as it is likely to be covered in dust from small white particles near the neck.

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