BIT SCHOOL students visit to Dima Dental Center

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Dima Dental Clinics is keen to achieve strategic goals for all categories of society and for children in particular, and our belief that child education is based on the principle of simulation of reality, Dima Dental Clinics had invited BIT SCHOOL students to visit the center. The initial procedure was to make a free examination and teeth diagnosis for students with a report sent to the school responsible regarding dental health status in order to inform the parents about it , to take care of the child’s teeth early, in addition to giving them a toothbrush and tooth paste to continue cleaning the teeth and prevent gum disease. The children were also introduced to the clinic’s parts and facilities, noting that the clinic has recreational facilities such as playing with cubes and decorating cups. The clinic was also equipped with drawings and children’s games to make the child keen to visit the dentist periodically.

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